Iqbal Rice Mills | CSR & Media
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Rice, the grain of life.

We care about life & rice as both are precious to us

As a responsible corporate, the IRM continuously engages itself in the uplifting of the communities it is involved on the basis of the highest level of ethical standards and ensures that the community also benefits from our progress. In view of the criticality of farmers to its operations, the Company works closely with them to constantly improve their lives, and those of their families, through regular and focused measures. Striking a balance between addressing immediate needs and long-term development is our priority. We also offer a variety of family support programs and benefits to all our employees. Further by the grace of almighty Allah Company had also worked with District administration and other authorities in past for improving social welfare education and health facilities.


“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mendela~

IRM gave importance to education as it’s a key to success in uplifting any society, therefore, we always take initiative as investing in our future knowledge has been a rewarding endeavor, and we are thrilled to continue doing so by improving education in the community. We funded many schools and trusts working for the achievement of the same goal.

  • Establishment of Ladies Vocational Training Center in District Chiniot
  • Provision of furniture to many Government Girls Schools for improving education facilities and environment.
  • Complete free education for deserving students at Din College Chiniot, Chenab College Chiniot, Masoomeen College Chiniot, Govt Girls Degree College Chiniot, and Govt. Islamia College Chiniot (from 1st year to postgraduate program).
  • Contributed to FAST University for the purchase of land for the establishment of its campus along with other local Business communities.

Due to recognized philanthropic work, our CEO holds a key position in many prominent organizations/trusts as mentioned below.

  • Vice Chairman Chiniot Education Trust.
  • Director Din College
  • Chairman Masood Iqbal Welfare Trust


“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can ever have.”
~Winston Churchill~

With regard to health, IRM believes it is a fundamental right of every human being to receive adequate and affordable healthcare and is therefore keen in improving a better and healthy society. We always worked and helped district administration& local community for improvement in this sector as government expenditure remains alarmingly insufficient at only 2.5%- 3%  of its budget.

Below are a few of our efforts to enhance health-related facilities in the local community. 

  • Establishment of a Cardiac Ward and Dialysis in DHQ Hospital Chiniot and provision of medicine to the above and Emergency ward in DHQ up to Rs 5 million annually.                      
  • Construction of Mosque at Government Taleem ul Islam College Chenab Nagar
  • Establishment of Rescue 15 center in Chiniot.
  • Installation of water filtration plants at Bhawana, Ghafoorabad, and Govt. Girls college Chenab nagar.
“In health there is freedom. Health is first of all liberties.”
~Henri Frederic Amiel~

Going one step further and knowing how simple solutions can be for both the prevention and treatment of many conditions, we are avid in our support of providing free health care to those who have little or no access to such facilities therefore we

  • Established many times free eye camps, free heart camps for checkups,s and treatment of patients by Iqbal polyclinic
  • Provision of free medical facilities for deserving patients on regular basis in Iqbal Poly Clinic under Masood Iqbal Welfare trust.

Social Welfare,

Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

“We all have different inspirations, but one goal: a better world.”
~Arnesto Arguello~

We at IRM always believe that the purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. We always shouldered the District Administration, District Police, and local community for providing different services at the time of need. Details of such services are appended below:

  • Establishment and construction of Squares, Green Belt, Civil Officer Club, and many other buildings in District Chiniot as and when required by the District Administration.
  • Establishment of Rescue 15 Welfare Shop, Construction of Chowki Jhangar Galotran, Meeting Hall at DPO Office and Admin Block at Police Line Chiniot.
  • Arrangement of food for Sehr & Iftar in Ramzan around 25 spots in District Chiniot.
  • Financial Assistance to the families of martyrs on the eve of 23rd March & 14th August in the shape of a cash award of Rs. 2.00 Lac to each family.
  • Provision of Ramzan & Eid Package to all martyrs’ families and lower paid staff of District Administration and Police.
  • Construction of Rooms provision of furniture in Orphan House Chiniot
“If a natural disaster strikes your community, reach out to your friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. Lend a helping hand.”
~Marsh Blackburn~

We at IRM believe that the resources of even the best-prepared governments are insufficient to cope with major disasters thus we strongly believe in the private sector response to support relief and rehabilitation. Therefore IRM helped the community in the following ways.

  • Provision of food hampers to the flood effect of District Chiniot for the year 2013 with an amount of Rs. 8.5 million.
  • Donations to Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force Flood relief fund during the earthquake 2005 amounting to Rs. 5 million and Rs. 2.5 million respectively.

Due to recognized philanthropic work, our CEO holds a key position as mentioned below.

  • Member Executive Committee, Pakistan Red Crescent Society Punjab
  • Chairman CPLC District Chiniot