Iqbal Rice Mills | Pakistani Super aged Basmati Rice
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Pakistani Super aged Basmati Rice

Iqbal Rice

Pakistani Super aged Basmati Rice

Queen of Fragrance

Fragrant Flavour & exotic aroma for Extraordinary Meal

Welcome to the majestic world of IQBAL BASMATI RICE, premium quality naturally aged basmati rice. Enthralling aroma, slender grains, Divine flavour and impeccably soft texture. It has everything to give you a pure Royal treat and to delight your senses, your soul.

Available in local & export packing | Available in 01kg,02kg,05kg,10kg, 20kg & 40kg

Cooking Methods

Closed Pan Method

Thoroughly rinse 1 cup of IQBAL BASMATI RICE till clear water and soak it for 45 min in fresh water. Bring to boil 2 cup fresh water in pan cover with tight lid and add rice in pan, stir, then cover and turn to heat to low, allow the water to completely absorbs in the takes about 12-15 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, remove the pan from the heat, still covered, and stand for 5 minutes. the surface of rice will have small holes in it this is quite normal and it should be fluffed with a fork before serving.

Open Pan Method

Open pan (or excess water) is where rice is cooked in lot of water just like potatoes or pasta, the drained.

Thoroughly rinse 1 cup of IQBAL BASMATI RICE till clear water and soak it for 45 minute in fresh water. Bring a large pan of water to the boil. When boiling, tip in 1 cup of rice. Return the water to boil then stir well. Lower the heat to a fast simmer and cook it for 7-8 minutes. Drain the extra water and allow for 5 minutes, before fluffing with a fork.

Nutritional Facts

(Typical Values)


of RDI*

(190 calories)

Calorie Breakdown






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